How to Make Your Soap Last Longer

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4 Tips to Make Your Soap Last Longer

We know how important it is to invest in quality soap and if you’re anything like us, you will want to get the most bang for your buck. So, we are sharing some tips to help you protect your soap and use every last ounce of it.

Don’t rub your body with a bar of soap.

Our hands are not great at creating and maintaining a nice lather. This is why you have to keep running the bar underwater to get it to lather up and this uses a lot of soap. Use a washcloth, exfoliating gloves, a soap bag, or a loofah instead. This will create a great lather with just a couple of swipes of the bar. The bar will come in contact with less water, and you’ll be using less soap, so the bar will last much longer.

Let the soap dry.

When your soap sits in a pool of water, either in your shower caddy or soap dish, it softens the bar and breaks it down faster, making your soap feel mushy. It’s important to let the bar dry between uses. Keep it out of direct streams of water and standing water.

I recommend using a ventilated soap dish or any type of soap-saver dish. This way, the soap is elevated, will drain and dry faster, and will last much longer. You can also use a mesh soap bag or any other type of soap bag that you can hang in the shower. Soap bags also work well as a loofah or rag alternative.

@nakedblends I have been asked why I recommend an elevated soap dish, so I wanted to explain with 4 different dishes. Mind you, this is only my opinion, and if you like any of the dishes that I don't like, that's ok. You do you 😊 This is simply my answer to something I've been asked multiple times. #soap #soapdish #allnatural #nakedblends #soapmaking #soapmaker #soapmakersoftiktok #smallbusiness #reidsvillenc #womanownedbusiness ♬ Acoustic guitar chill (no wave sound)(1254171) – KBYS

Store new soap properly.

If you have new soap sitting on the shelf waiting to be used, it’s important to store it in an area that’s not high in humidity where it can “breathe.” For example, don’t store the soap in an air-tight container or where there’s a lot of moisture.

Don’t toss the tiny pieces!

When your soap bar turns into a wafer-thin sliver or breaks into tiny pieces, it’s really hard to get it to lather. Most people throw it away and start with a new bar. If you’re like me (waste not, want not), you hate to throw it away. Put those tiny pieces into a soap mesh bag or a sisal soap bag and keep on using that soap! You’ll be amazed at how much lather a soap bag can create!

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What do you do to make your soap last longer?

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