Reward Points

How to Earn Naked Blends Reward Points

Earning points is easy. First, create an account with Naked Blends and subscribe to our newsletter. Both are free. Then engage in the following activities, which reward you with different points. Each point has a value of 0.01, so 100 points are worth $1.00.

  • Place your first order: earn 100 points
  • All other orders: 50 points
  • Each product review: 10 points
  • Each time someone you refer to Naked Blends places an order: 50 points (give them your referral link. See below)

Please note, without an account, reward points cannot be given.

Your Naked Blends Rewards

Sign in and stay up to date with your Naked Blends Reward Points. You can also find this information on the “My Account” page, and the “Cart” and “Checkout” pages. 

Referral Link

Refer your friends and family to Naked Blends and earn points for every purchase they make. Plus, they’ll earn points too. It’s a win-win situation! Sign in to get your referral link. 

Referral Link

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